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About Us

Rob Robertson, owner of Premier Diamond Source

Rob Robertson - Premier Diamonds Source is especially known for its selection and pricing of loose diamonds, which it buys directly from suppliers around the world and sells them at wholesale prices everyday.Rob Robertson is not just any jeweler, he will become your personal jeweler because Rob personally works in his store daily. Having been in the jewelry business for over 36 years, he is an owner that truly has a passion and cares about your jewelry needs.

Before opening Premier Diamond Source in January of 2002, Rob was in charge of 54 jewelry stores as Vice-President for a large Midwest jewelry chain that operated over 250 stores. During his career in the corporate world, Rob had the opportunity to train thousands of sales associates. He also worked three years under the guidance of Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

Rob totally understands the retail side of the jewelry industry. He acknowledges the large mark ups companies are making on jewelry and repairs around the country witnessing this first hand. This really helped Rob make his decision to leave the corporate world and open his own jewelry store. Rob realized it is possible to give customers high quality diamonds and jewelry along with excellent customer service at wholesale prices. Enter Premier Diamond Source, Rob and his unique niche for customers never having to pay retail ever again!

Premier Diamond Source is especially known for our selection and pricing of loose diamonds, which we buy directly from suppliers around the world and we sell them at wholesale prices every day.

At Premier Diamond Source of Overland Park, KS, you can peruse dozens of unique jewelry pieces including diamonds, colored gems, gold, platinum and sterling silver. Rob can also custom design masterpieces to your liking. In fact, he prides himself on being able to create any piece a customer may want. In addition, you are able to special order any piece for delivery to the store within 24 to 48 hours.

The sophisticated decor of our store’s boutique-style interior and the comfortable lounge area make for an inviting atmosphere where you can come in, sit down and talk face to face with Rob the owner, Rob the buyer, and Rob the salesman.

And just as a friend would, Rob goes out of his way to accommodate the schedules and desires of customers. Rob will make appointments with customers at any time of the day.